What does a winning eCommerce website include?

An eCommerce website is essential in today’s world to successfully run an online business. Apart from a good website design and SEO techniques, the features on a website decide the immense measure of success. 

A website will be flooded with potential customers if it offers a better user experience. Features such as user-friendly interface, user reviews, safety and security, high-quality content and mobile-friendly design affect the purchase decision of the potential buyers. Choosing the right web designing agency in Sydney that specialises in creating a responsive web design is essential to stand out among the other competitors.

Security and Safety Gains More Trust: The first and foremost factor that users will be concerned with is the safety and security of a website. Since there will be considerable data transfers and storage, the website needs to be well encrypted to keep users safe from fear. A well-secured website will increase the trust and credibility of a company among its users.

Without proper security measures, a company can lose its potential buyer’s or customers’ data. In most cases, hackers will steal the data and sell them to other competitive sites for monetary benefits. Since Google ensures safety and security to its users, it marks a website without HTTPS protocol and SSL certificates as insecure.

Search and Filter Options: People will always be fond of things that make their life easier. A website that offers better convenience, in other words, better user experience, tends to convert a visitor into a potential customer. Options like search and filter help users narrow down their search and look for the specific set of information quickly. This saves a lot of time for the users, and these options let the businesses showcase a wide variety of their products.

Mobile-Friendly Design: Since the usage of mobile phones has soared up in these times, the companies should seriously consider using responsive design, or the site should be well-optimised for various screen sizes. People prefer purchasing a product or service through mobile phones nowadays because it reduces the complexity involved when users purchase products using a desktop or laptop.

Recent studies have proved that eCommerce websites with mobile apps made lot more conversions than companies with websites alone. Mobile-friendly design helps eCommerce businesses to cover the local region potential customers besides international clients.

Different Mode of Payment Options: It is critical to include different modes of payment options because the users may leave the website if the eCommerce offers only one payment option. Instead of providing card options alone, incorporate other new payment methods, such as Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Paypal, Paytm, PhonePe. Since the payment gateways offer much cashback and other offers, people always prefer buying from an eCommerce site that offers multiple payment modes.

Content Management System: Content Management Systeme(CMS): One place which helps manage and store all forms of content (visual and written), including marketing documentation. The eCommerce companies can edit or add any content or information in real-time in the CMS, and the changes made will be reflected in the website when it is published. With the help of plugins in the CMS, the companies can create a customer support system that lets consumers generate a support ticket. CMS also allows companies to respond to the queries raised by the customers.


So these are some of the major factors that an eCommerce website should possess to stand out among other competitors. If you are looking for a web design agency in Surrey or in London, to create a responsive design for your website, please feel free to get in touch with us. With our expert team of designers and developers, we can help create a professional eCommerce website to drive your business forward.


March 09/2022

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