Google Penalty! Recover Your Website from being Blacklisted

Does your website happen to face a sudden drop in traffic or your webpages are not indexed by Google?

If yes, then keep scrolling down.

This article covers the important know-how about keeping off websites from Google’s Blacklist.

But first, let us understand the terminology behind Google Blacklisting and discuss how to recover Blacklisted websites.

What is Google’s Blacklist?

Being among the top online search engines Google is committed to renders a safe online experience for its users. It constantly scrubs the internet to look out for websites that drive malicious content and quarantine it as harmful for the visitors.

The websites are then de-indexed as suspects of injecting junk code or stealing personal details from visitors. Google constantly Blacklists websites that practice phishing or host spammy links.

Due to this, more than 90% of the website suffers an increase in bounce rate affecting its credibility over the web. This leads to a serious traffic loss which drops down the company’s sales and revenue.

When does Google Blacklist Website?

Google works on the algorithm to scan websites hosting illegal content, malware, spam webpages, copyright issues, or over-optimising of SEO keywords.

Any of these aspects violating the security terms on Google’s search engine is checked to be unsafe for the visitors and hence Blacklisted.

However, some of the meaningful domains end up with this situation when hijacked in cybercrimes.

Recover Website from Being Blacklisted

The developers must employ Google Webmasters tools to ensure their website does not trigger the Google Penalty and safeguard its visitors from malicious attacks. Also, the tool offers tons of information on website health.

However, you can undergo the following recovery actions to undo the website from Google Blacklisting.

Remove Malware Content

Review the harmful website content, locations or security threats that are potential to cause damage. Determine your Blacklist status by scanning the website for malware. Finally, fix the infected file copies and clean up your site. WordPress developer can install the Sucuri Security plugin to perform the website scan.

Increase Website Security as Preventive Measure

Install a Web Application Firewall to ensure safe browsing and get rid of any malicious attacks on the site. Keep your website safe from any vulnerability by timely upgrades of security software and deter the spam backlinks to your site.

Work on Rebuilding Website Reputation

Restoring the credibility of the website is a long term process. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to recover traffic loss. In the long run, high-performance websites followed by clean SEO practices and standard security measures can elevate your Google rankings.

Report Your Site to Get Whitelisted

After you finish the removal of injected files and malware content, it’s time to report the authority i.e. Google Search Engine to get off your website from the Blacklist. Usually, it takes a month-long time to review your report on how you managed to fix the issues.


Follow a few of these to rebuild your website’s online reputation. This was all about Google Penalty and recovering websites from its negative results.


August 05/2021

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