Specialist SERVICE

Logo & Branding

Stand out and make an impact by using clever, strong and effective branding.

First impressions in business are key, so it is very important to develop strong branding in order to present your company in the right light and maintain consistency across your marketing efforts, being online or offline.

Your brand identity is the perception of the company that you want to convey to your customer by using a series of images, words or designs to create your company branding, starting of course with your logo. A great logo design is one that is; simple, memorable, adaptable and timeless, which is exactly what we do here at JC Web.

The Designer

Rob has more than 10 years of experience specialised in branding specific design. His strategy is to facilitate the sales and marketing of products and services by creating quality visuals that elevate your brand and communicate a message your target audience can identify with.

Combined experience of both industry and freelance environments has allowed Rob the opportunity to work with a variety of business sectors, structures and sizes, which brought great design challenges and the opportunity to solidify his skills.